About Growth Extended

Growth Extended is dedicated to providing the best treatment to the teenagers and adults in our care. Our unique program focuses on holistic treatment, which sets us apart from other facilities. We specialize in providing services that combine a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities and complementary alternative therapeutic activities in an individualized treatment plan that addresses the specific need of each client. We have a well-trained professional staff from a variety of disciplines that work together to create the best treatment for our clients. Our services and amenities include:

  • Multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Licensed clinicians and therapists on site 7 days per week
  • Multiple group sessions per day, 7 days a week
  • Child and adolescent psychiatrists on staff
  • Medication management by licensed vocational nurses who work with our psychiatrists
  • Affordable cash pay rates
  • Most major medical insurance companies accepted
  • An insurance liaison department dedicated to ensuring the maximum treatment for each client
  • A trained and experienced staff dedicated to our clients’ health
  • Academic instruction and credit acquisition overseen by an academic facilitator while in treatment
  • Various practices to incorporate spirituality, including prayer, meditation, yoga, and church attendance
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provided by specially trained therapists
  • Specialized groups covering a variety of topics including cutting, self-esteem, past trauma, anger management, addiction, art therapy, family conflict and conflict resolution
  • Tailor made treatment plans for each individual
  • Support groups for parents and families facilitated by a trained clinician
  • In-depth family component including family therapy, multi-family groups, parenting groups and our infamous Weekend Restoration Workshops for family weekends to ensure
    collaborative treatment
  • Opportunities to attend in-house 12-step meetings for clients suffering from addiction
  • Membership to a state of the art local gym for daily physical fitness
  • Beautifully designed grand facilities with all the modern amenities that feel like home
  • Monthly alumni meetings facilitated by a trained licensed clinician to provide additional support during early recovery
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission
  • We believe that discharge planning and relapse prevention are integral parts of the treatment, so we begin the discharge process within 72 hours of intake. This safeguards our clients so they can easily transfer their new-found skills to their home environment. We want to make sure our clients have the strength and skills to continue their improved behavior once they leave our facility to prevent relapse. That is why at Growth Extended, we work closely with the family to make the transition home seamless.


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