Who We Treat

Growth Extended Inc. provides exceptional services for persons struggling with mental health, eating disorders, substance abuse or co-occurring disorders. Growth Extended is a special treatment facility that is like no other. Our uniqueness centers around our treatment facilities, our approach to recovery and our staff. Our treatment is delivered in exquisitely decorated large two story home-like settings that create an atmosphere of healing and rejuvenation. Our approach to treatment is couched in our mission and our core values of family, appreciation, integrity, training and hard work (FAITH acronym). Our staff are well trained professionals, some that have taken the walk of recovery personally or had close friends and family members struggle with some form of abuse. All staff care deeply for our clients and are committed to the success of each client. Moreover, our staff partner with the clients by challenging, supporting and communicating.
At Growth Extended we realize that while many people suffer from the same diagnosis, each person is unique and their struggle is experienced differently by them. A man faced with death and subsequent depression may present totally different from a female faced with the the same life circumstances and subsequent depression. We therefore strive to treat each person with the individualized care that they need. We have various populations that we cater to and we design our interventions to suit the needs of those populations. At Growth Extended three populations that we treat include men, woman and adolescents.


As a man you are faced with many choices each day. There are large significant choices (who you will marry, what type of occupation you pursue) and smaller, less significant choices (what you will wear, what route you will take to get to your appointments for the day). Whether big or small, each choice you make sets you on your path. Moreover, each small choice you make, leads to your larger choice options (i.e., what you choose to wear today for an interview will determine how the world perceives you which can affect if you are able to get a particular job). At Growth Extended we realize that your choices can either help you reach your dreams, or they can hinder you from attaining your destiny. Today you are faced with a choice, so we challenge you to choose hope. Choose freedom. Choose life. Choose a recovery environment specifically designed for you and your needs as a man. Choose Growth Extended. We are capable of helping you reach your full potential. Read more…


Women get characterized by a number of negative terms today: shallow, gold diggers, and, as one popular hip hop song depicts, “these girls ain’t loyal”. If some women are that way, most didn’t begin that way. Most women began wanting to be loved, cherished and esteemed. Most women began desiring to share, understand and be understood. Yes, most women began with a plethora of talents, potential and deep treasures within. But due to life circumstances and the choices made, life has caused some women to do and be something that they never wanted to do or be. For all those women that are caught in this web, we offer you a place of tranquility where you can find your direction and wholeness. Read more…


The adolescent track is the original model that Growth Extended opened with. We comprise holistic residential, partial and intensive outpatient programs designed to treat both males and females age 12-17years old. We understand, being in treatment can suck. But being in need of being in treatment, and not being able to find a treatment center that is beautiful, positive and full of people that care about you, sucks even more. At Growth Extended we are committed to making sure that you receive individualized care that supports you and your path to liberation. We challenge you to dream as if you couldn’t fail and we will equip you with the skills to achieve those dreams. There is a freedom that comes when you are living your life the way it was designed to be lived. You deserve to be able to reach your full potential here at Growth Extended. Read more…


Our compassionate admissions department is available 24/7 to accept calls, answer questions and set up an intake. If you or someone you love is in need of treatment, please contact us at 888 948-9998.

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