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What We Treat

Whether you are suffering from an eating disorder and depression, or you are addicted to heroin and have anxiety, Growth Extended can help treat and heal mental illness.

Who We Treat

When it comes to mental health treatment, Growth Extended welcomes everyone. Whether you are a man or woman, or a teen struggling with mental illness, we are here to help you overcome and find a new path to walk on.


Growth Extended offers a variety of programs that are meant to fit your individual needs when it comes to mental health, eating disorders and substance abuse. Explore the different treatment programs to find your solution.

How Can Growth Extended Help?

Growth Extended, part of Growth Centers of America, is an adult mental health, substance abuse and eating disorder residential treatment center, with locations in Southern California. When someone is suffering from a mental illness, such as Bipolar Disorder or Anxiety, it can be challenging to make it through everyday life. Here at Growth Extended, we understand that healing and recovery are possible when clients are provided with the necessary tools to learn how to overcome their illness.

Our programs are small and intimate, to provide a safe setting where you can truly work through the core issues that are causing instability in your life. The staff at Growth Extended has over 40 years of experience treating mental illness, substance abuse, and eating disorders, and we are nationally-accredited by the Joint Commission.

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Who Can We Help?

Growth Extended offers a unique opportunity for adults & adolescents who are struggling with mental illness, eating disorders or substance abuse. Our goal is to identify the core issues that are causing discomfort and chaos in your life. For those struggling with depression, anxiety and other mental illness, as well as substance abuse, finding a program that can truly handle the co-occurring illness can be challenging. Luckily you found Growth Extended. Our locations in Southern California include an adolescent location in Los Angeles and an adult location in Balboa Park. Find out more about who we help, and how we help.

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More About Growth Extended

Learn more about the staff, mission and programs at Growth Extended, a premiere mental health residential treatment center with locations in Southern California. Our mission is clear, to help you find healing and recovery from mental illness. Your future begins at Growth Extended.

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