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Who We Treat

When it comes to mental illness, substance abuse and eating disorders, everyone is at risk. Men, women and teens are all affected equally by these illnesses, which is why Growth Extended has unique, gender-specific programs that aim to heal the core issues that are causing instability.

Growth Extended specializes in treating individuals who struggle with a variety of mental health issues including:

  • mood disorders
  • anxiety disorders
  • substance use disorders
  • eating disorders

About Growth Extended

At Growth Extended you are not your diagnosis. We know that each person who comes into our programs is a an individual whose struggles are unique. A man faced with depression and anxiety may present entirely differently from a female faced with the same life circumstances. We, therefore, strive to treat each person in our program with the individualized and personalized care that they need to make a full recovery.

Our Southern California Treatment Facilities

Our treatment facilities offer specialized treatment programs for adults and adolescents who are struggling with one or more of these common yet debilitating issues.

Our Unique Approach to Treating Addiction

Our approach to treatment and recovery is a holistic one that is informed by our mission and core values of family, integrity, compassion, dignity, respect, and discipline.

A Dedicated Staff with Extensive Experience

Our staff is highly trained professionals, some of whom have walked the same path as you. All of our staff care deeply for our clients and are personally committed to your recovery. While you are in treatment our multidisciplinary team of staff will support you, challenge you and help you reshape your future.

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Women’s Rehab

Women live in a world where they are faced with many negative characterizations, and it can often feel as if any choice you make will end in derision. You have to look a certain way, act a certain way, say the right things and on top of it all manage a family, a home, a career and a social life. In tandem with a mental health struggle, this can be overwhelming and it can feel as if society has set you up to fail. At Growth Extended you are accepted exactly as you are. For all of those women caught in the web of surmounting social expectations, we are here for you.


Men’s Rehab

Men live in a world where much is expected but little support is given to them. In life you are expected to be strong, to be a provider, to get a good job, to marry the right person. All of this pressure with no support, on top of a mental health issue can be devastating. Growth Extended is a place where Adult Males can come knowing that they are in an environment where their needs are going to be met and their worries will be heard. As a man you have likely been socialized not to share your feelings. You bottle things up and always say “I’m fine” when people ask how you are doing. At Growth Extended you will live in an environment where you are encouraged to share your feelings and you do not have to fear shame or ridicule for sharing your personal struggles with the group.

Adolescent & Teen Rehab

While we do many great things at Growth Extended, we are particularly proud of our adolescent program. We offer three levels of care for teens aged 12-17 who struggle with mental health, eating disorders, substance abuse and dual diagnosis. We understand that for many teens treatment is not where they want to be, but we strive to make treatment as fun and exciting as it is educational and life-changing. Our mantra is “no rules without rapport” and our staff are second to none at helping teens come to accept their need for help and to grow and thrive in an environment that is specially made to support them. Our adolescent program would be better described as a family program, and enrolling your child in Growth Extended constitutes a significant commitment on your part. You will participate in your child’s treatment in three important ways: parent support groups, family therapy and our signature Multi Family Restoration Group.


We Can Help You Begin Again at Growth Extended

If you are ready to get help for yourself or your child, do not wait. The sooner you can get help, the better chance you have for a successful recovery. Our admissions team is ready to discuss our treatment programs with you. Call us at 888.948.9998.

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